05 July 2011

do you think she is enjoying the safari?

looks a little like baby melissa...

may i present...

... grand duchess maria of russia.

here she is being simply stunning at that other (better?) royal wedding last weekend.

RIP cy twombly

perhaps my favorite contemporary american painter, no longer contemporary

i dont know who casey anthony is either

what did kylie do this weekend?

"They come from there and say 'let's stop by to see the puppies,'" said Moritz... "The adorable sight of furry faces in the window and the effects of alcohol can be a bad combination"

for erin

dislikes: boredom!

what is yuki doing?!

guess who's back in the motherfucking united states: lillywhitefish!! which means yuki pixies!!
oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yuuukkkiiiiii. so sleepy.
i just can't stand it.

thx lilly! and welcome home!


somehow the casey anthony story slipped right past my usually perceptive senses. all of this momentum toward the verdict has been building over the weekend, and i've just been like "who?" anyway, the verdict is IN! she's not guilty?

so, the office and gchat and facebook are a-buzz with the news, and i decided the least i could do is read a wikipedia page. i don't think anyone will be surprised to learn that it was highly complimentary of the state of tennessee:
The Anthony case broke new ground regarding scientific evidence.
University of Tennessee's "Body farm" discovered "hair banding," a phenomenon in which hair roots can form a dark band after death. A hair found in the trunk of the Anthony car exhibited this pattern.[50] Also new is the work of University of Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory in which air extracted from the trunk of the Anthony car revealed human decomposition and the presence of chloroform.[50] (via)
so, despite the best efforts of the brilliant scientists at my alma mater and the home of the atom bomb, florida still managed to blow it. GO VOLS!!

ready to learn again?

i listened to this episode of 'fresh air' on my way to work this morning. given joel's recent devotion to what some consider to be our planet's last wild food source, i thought i'd share this "dive" into the transformation of the seafood industry over recent decades, and how its environmental impact has evolved.

i'll be honest, i did not know bluefin tuna could get this big. enjoy!

what did thomas wilhelm's mom do this weekend?

bathed herself on the 2-train, of course. totesSFW, as always.

nyc porn

time-lapse of last night's incredible sunset followed by some super-speedy fireworks.

how was your 4th?

 mine was pretty, pretty, pretty good. DJV invited us all over to celebrate america on his glorious east village rooftop. it was tippity tops.
 joel made his world famous sneaky punch. don't trust it.
bunners enjoyed a delicious meal of sausage with american cheese and cool ranch doritas on a hamburger bun. claaaaaassic bun-bun. reminded me of this.
 HFS look at that sunset!
this was our fireworks view. bring them back to the east river plz!!

how was your holiday weekend? tell me everything.
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