26 October 2011

downward da'freak

"I've got this new yoga class. I've really been going in there and trying to get in touch with my Chi trying to keep everything level-headed. I think I've done a good job. The coaches have noticed, like you said, coming out here and really trying to stay positive because I feel like it's for the better of the team.
"It's something I found on my own. I've been trying to get my hands on a yoga mat, and I'm working on it. I think I'm going to get one this week. It'll be good for me."
-da'rick rogers

the spread for this weekend's game is only 3.5 points, jicyww. DJV, rachel, and i will tell you how it goes, because we'll be sittin' in neyland watching it!!!!

whatever you do...

...do NOT look at this witty and emergency-level-of-hunger-inducing grilled cheese website that sara jane just showed me.

feel like dancing?

from their upcoming album, el camino. out december 6th.

is it singtime yet?

thx carly

is it springtime yet?

andrew bird doc

Fever Year, director Xan Aranda’s 80-minute documentary on the latter half of Bird’s 2009, featuring studio footage, 10 live performances filmed at a pair of concerts in Milwaukee that October, and a guest appearance from St. Vincent. (via)

this happened at #occupyoakland last night

At around 9:30 p.m., there was a tense faceoff between protesters and police officers on Broadway at 14th Street. About 100 officers, some appearing to be sheriff’s deputies, stood behind a metal barricade in full riot gear and wearing gas masks, while on the other side people pressed against the barricade, waving peace signs and chanting slogans. A few protesters hurled objects — what looked like water bottles — at the police, while over a loud speaker, officers instructed people to disperse or risk “chemical agents.”
Shortly after 9:30 p.m. the announcements stopped. Moments later, the police began firing canisters of tear gas into the crowd. Many people ran, but a few protesters wearing gas masks stayed and continued to throw things at the police. Those who had been affected by the gas coughed repeatedly and appeared to weep. Some stooped before a woman who volunteered to rinse reddened eyes.


if you're a netflix member, you probably recently received a strange apology email (excerpt above) from their ceo, reed hastings, in which he expresses his regret in trying to split the company into 2 entities, one for streaming, and one for mailed dvd's.

i just came across this old-ass internet joke, parody-ing his original email as a series of follow-up emails. it's pretty awesome. here's the first one:

there's several more. keep reading.

true life : occupy wall street

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what is kismet doing???

just kidding, that isnt kismet. but that is what its like when i go home for a visit. but i try not to sneak out when kismet goes to get some raisins.

puppy got stuck

what it feels like sometimes .
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