21 February 2014

Le1f got a record deal

SPIN favorite Le1f has signed with XL Recordings in a joint venture with Terrible Records, the label co-run by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. A proper album is in the works, but first we'll be treated to the Hey EP, which will include a re-recorded version of the man's beloved breakout "Wut" (the one with the video starring those Pikachu studs), along with four brand new songs. The first of those, "Boom," can be heard below in all of its left-field "Southern Hospitality"-recalling excellence. Dubbel Dutch lends his production prowess to the darkly popping cut, while beats for the rest of the March 11 digital release (May 6 for vinyl) come from Matrixxman, Harry B, and Boody (remember "Soda"?). To date, the man born Khalif Diouf has released three praise-worthy mixtapes: Dark York, Fly Zone, and Tree House. In a statement, Le1f called working with XL "my teenage dream." via

@FLOTUS was in NYC yesterday and went to the New Museum

here is my unofficial list of favorite first ladies:
1) Michelle Obama
2) Eleanor Roosevelt
3) Mary Todd Lincoln
4) Hillary Rodham Clinton
5) Betty Ford

The More You Know (ab 2Pz Correspodentz)

Hello, hi, Melissa here. This morning I went to the gym and hooked up my iphone and decided to give Ludacris Radio a try. I must say, it was DELIGHTFUL. Normally when I leave the gym I go home and take a nap before I have to leave for work (workout is only 30 mins-leaves about 30 to 45 mins for some extra ZzZzZZZzz's). Well today I was so entertained I decided to keep Ludacris and friends playing. It was great! The pups were a little confused but they seemed to enjoy it as well. I would go as far as to say that we had a mini dance party...which is CRAZY, i mean...it's seven o'clock in the morning. WHO DOES THAT? Any who, I said all of that to say: Ludacris must have had so much fun writing that Ho song. I clearly never took time to appreciate the lyrics (too much serious twerking going on) but this morning as I was picking out my outfit I couldn't help but giggle. What a great way to end the work week and welcome the beginning of the weekend. So, for your enjoyment...i know you'll love it...Ludacris, Ho, suitable for every occasion.
this video is sub-par BUT there's a kitty kat at 2:17 so definitely worth watching.

Beyonce performs XO at the Brit Awards

and kills it (duh)
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