20 August 2011

BRB outside: Los Angeles

I went to Los Angeles last weekend and it was AWESOME. check it out.

We went to a farmers market and had DELICIOUS food. On the right, Peruvian chicken and shrimp over rice with a watermelon juice along side. On the left, Nana's Sopes, Chicken and Chorizo with a strawberry lemonade (too sweet!)

This is Frank and his dog Roosevelt. Rosie is an incredibly sweet dog. She knows:
Sit, shake, high five, lay down, roll over, AND stay

We went to a Sunday Dodger's game. They played the Astros. Matty Kemp nailed a homer as Los Doyers put it on the team from Texas.

Saturday Night we had a 1a.m. BBQ. it was delicioso.

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