20 January 2011

from ellen: "something a little bird told me."


what a difference 20 years can make

shanghai, 1990 - 2010





a visual guide to bike speak

now you wont need to sound like a dummy in the bike shop.

lego farnsworth house

ages 8+ plz

YOU'RE WELCOME: health tips

Don't be a flabby kitty. Get your  {>o<} to yoga.

SURPRISE! the Baltimore police chief hates The Wire

During a public engagement last week, Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld described David Simon's show The Wire as "a smear on this city that will take decades to overcome." He went on to cite the tenacious and glamorous cop shows that other cities like New York, Las Vegas, and Miami are blessed with. Why doesn't Baltimore merit such pretty and hardworking cops? Hmmm.

Simon responded : "Others might reasonably argue, however that it is not sixty hours of The Wire that will require decades for our city to overcome, as the commissioner claims. A more lingering problem might be two decades of bad performance by a police agency more obsessed with statistics than substance, with appeasing political leadership rather than seriously addressing the roots of city violence, with shifting blame rather than taking responsibility."


La Maison Mantin

imagine this eccentric lifelong bachelor with an inherited fortune living in central france obsessed with his own mortality. no im not talking about thomas wilhelm, good guess though. Louis Mantin died in 1905, and as stipulated by his will, 100 years later his home is going to be reopened in the exact condition in which it was left. field trip time! via.

frayser girls are stoopid

"It's a shame that all these girls at Frayser are pregnant, but it ain't nothing new," said Sutton. "Some girls just try to do it because they think it's cute. For some, it's an accident."

Sutton said she believes some girls are making agreements with each other to get pregnant.

"They probably plan it," she said. "Plan what they're going to do to get pregnant. No telling."

Sutton said educators need to do more to try to help prevent teen pregnancies.

"They need a class where they can teach the girls before they get pregnant to use protection and stuff," said Sutton. "And don't try to get pregnant."

no big deal. just one out of five girls in school pregnant or with babies. what?

rafael nadal :: underwear model

the first nadal armani pics have hit the internet while at the same time he is in melbourne winning tennis games. via.

lady gaga :: thierry mugler :: nicola formichetti

"For the sexy and moody fashion film, which was directed by fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco, [Mugler creative director Nicola] Formichetti tracked down an unlikely muse in Canadian model Rick Genest. After seeing the skeleton-tattooed 'Zombie Boy' on Facebook, Formichetti flew to Montreal to shoot the video above. It is interspersed with clips from yesterday's runway presentation. It features Genest, aka Rico, peeling off slick black paint to reveal his impressive body art and also dancing in a strands of pearls to Gaga's infectious house music. Gaga remixed the song specifically for the occasion. It is a track from her new album, 'Born This Way,' which is set to be released in May."
stylelist. via.

swiperboy article

the daily beacon (UT's esteemed newspaper) has an article about swiperboy in today's edition:
Like many basketball players before him, including Shaquille O'Neal, Ron Artest and Allen Iverson, Woolridge not only excels on the court, but also in the studio. In fact, it could be argued that Woolridge is known almost more for his rap persona of "Swiperboy" than he is for anything else.
Swiperboy burst onto the scene last year with his song "Eric Berry," a tribute and Heisman campaign for then-UT football star Eric Berry. Following that song's success, Woolridge has gone on to produce his own music, and he even created his own label, Swiperboy Entertainment. Despite all of his successes in the music world, Woolridge remains adamantly focused on basketball.
"I had a record label offer that I turned down to come back to school," Woolridge said.
And in a hypothetical choice of either another season of UT basketball or a chance to work with Dr. Dre, Woolridge said simply, "I'm going with basketball." (via)
there are no typos at all. enjoy!

trend alert!

you know how each year there is one word that shows up in too many hot-new-band names? like it used to be bear (grizzly bear, panda bear, bear in heaven, minus the bear, etc.), then it was wolf (wolf parade, wolfmother, sea wolf, etc.), and even deer (deerhunter, deer tick, deerhoof, etc.)? you may notice that these are all animal names, also.
well, i believe i've identified this season's hottest buzz-band-buzz-word. and it's not an animal, but it might as well be. introducing.....CLOUDS!

the following are all up and coming bands. i've included popular songs of theirs. pick your favorite and hate the others!

cloud cult - when water comes to life

cloud nothings - hey cool kid

the cloud room - hey now now

clouds become your hands - ??
(they have literally no internet presence....yet.)

and now you know everything!

officially uncool : fireplaces.

“A wood-burning fire in the city is a ridiculous luxury — we would never have put it in ourselves,” said Mr. Arpels, grandson of one of the founders of Van Cleef & Arpels and the former managing partner of Netto Collection, a baby furniture company bought by Maclaren. “In the city, it doesn’t make sense to burn fires, because it’s inefficient and it’s polluting.”
Hard as it may be to believe, the fireplace — long considered a trophy, particularly in a city like New York — is acquiring a social stigma. Among those who aspire to be environmentally responsible, it is joining the ranks of bottled water and big houses. (via)
good thing i just ditched mine! thx g!

this song is so rapey!

just heard on radio kylie. what's worse: this, or "baby it's cold outside"?

oh just shut up already.

soccerpus monument.

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