30 March 2016

laverne cox interviews cecile richards

in interview magazine:
COX: Speaking of LGBT rights, health care for trans people is a huge issue for me. How has Planned Parenthood worked to accommodate trans folks and trans health care?
RICHARDS: It's a growing area of health care for Planned Parenthood around the country. What we're seeing, I can say in the last couple of years, is just an explosion of access. It's only going to continue to grow. The other thing that is important to me, Laverne, and what we are really working on at Planned Parenthood, is how important it is for our patients to be able to go to a health care provider where they're not judged and they're not stigmatized and they're treated completely with respect. I was at a big dinner here in New York, and one of the most prominent transgender activists in the area of health care said, "It's sort of amazing once a Planned Parenthood health center opens up, it's like the Underground Railroad. Everyone knows."

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