28 October 2014

the voice report

taylor swift is a guest coach on the judge on the voice this week, everybody. y'all know how i feel about her, but i kept my mind open. she was a helpful, competent advisor, and also a total weirdo. she made adam look stupid, which i liked. she seemed legitimately nervous around pharell and gwen, which i also liked.

this was my fave performance of the night, and it somehow wasn't good enough to stay. at this point, i would like to go on record by saying "trend alert": the judges have allowed three (3) excellent black female performers to be eliminated. i don't care for this trend.

also, this. this guy's probs my second fave (#teamelyjuh).

and i'll show you this one because i can't stand this bitch, but the coaches think she's just great. this is the second ellie goulding song she's done in a row and i wish she'd stop it.

if you're #teamelyjuh don't worry, he will be performing tonight. in the preview they show gwen making a dramatic steal, after which she stands up and exclaims "i feel like i just won the voice!" wonder what that's about.

gawker recap.

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