18 November 2014

the voice report

i hope its ok with you all if i don't go into too much detail this time. i'm still reeling from the loss of elyjuh. his absence was painful and palpable last night. i didn't like anyone's performance that much. anyone else's best performance would pale in comparison to elyjuh's worst. i'll try to move on soon, but for now:

there's this, wherein glasses shows off his screamy side.

this, wherein danica flawlessly if not boringly executes a jazzy radiohead cover.

and this, wherein chris sings everyone's new favorite nick jonas song, and bros out mid-performance with adam about how sexy and beautiful he is.

gawker recap here (wherein luke messes up real bad but pulls it off anyway).

'jealous' remix feat tinashe here (wherein she says her own name so now we know once-and-for-all).


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