24 June 2014

Communist Panda World Cup Predictor UPDATE

Guess what?!?! China spoiled our plans for a perfect bracket by BANNING these cuties from picking the winners...something about "safety and health reasons" and "human overexposure". #oyrchina

The good news is that they picked the next best thing to play and overdose on treats: TURTLES! I couldn't find very many cute photos of the communist turtle named Big Head but that's probably bc he is ashamed. Rumor has it Big Head picked losers like England, Japan, & Spain as winners (me too big head, me too-except Japan, WHAT WAS HE THINKING...like Japan could ever be good at futbol). Here's an action shot:

looking goood turtle.

FIFA tip of the day: if you are looking to improve your score (im looking at you ifyoumakeit) jump on the Shaheen bandwagon. This adorable little puppeh is giving our deceased octopussy friend a run for his money and also has a perfect picking record so far.

as a bonus our Shaheen already has a movie gig...here's his animated debut!!


joel said...

clap clap clap clap

good post

kylie said...

i don't like this post.

i LOVE it.

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