12 November 2014

the voice report

it's the first week of "live playoffs". right now, every coach has 8 members. monday night, team adam and team blake all sang, and last night it was team gwen and team pharell. this is the first week america gets to vote (i did.), and tonight they announce 2 winners from each team. then each coach picks two more, leaving each team with 4. now you know everything.

so i'll tell you my favorite from each team, and tonight we'll see if i have what it takes to become america's next top voice-winner predictor.

team adam's best was...damien.

team blake's best was...james david.

team gwen's best was...anita!

and team pharell's best OF COURSE IT WAS ELYJUH OMG #TEAMELYJUH!!

honorable mentions to hat taylor and girl taylor.

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