02 December 2014

the voice report

omg you guys last night was sooooooo good. did you know that of the top 8, there is only one lady left? that lady is danica, and she is amazing. she did just fine with pharell's choice of legendary 80s female pop-duo heart's (!) "these dreams", but it was just nothing compared to these three performances:

adam asked his boyfriend chris to sing "sexual healing" just for him.

i continue to love taylor john's re-arrangements, and this version of "royals" was just wonderful.

and good luck not crying during matt's "the blower's daughter"

they are cutting three tonight, and my predictions are: ryan / craig wayne boyd / damien

gawker recap here (she nails it this week, but doesn't she always?)


Lilly Slezak said...

All the tingles, chills, and feels.

kylie said...

omg its lillywhitefish!

joel said...

they could use some more girls in the top 8

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